An Expectant Mother’s Choice

Discovering you are pregnant when you’re not ready can be a crisis. And crisis by definition is traumatic, scary, and confusing. Most people respond to crisis by wanting to find the quickest way back to normal. With an unintended pregnancy, whatever you decide to do will be life changing. So, what do you do? Take some time. With time your initial feelings of trauma lessen, and you are once again able to think clearly about what it is that you really want.

Think about your choiceThe hardest thing about making a decision is anticipating how you will feel about that decision in the future. When you’re in a crisis, you usually cannot think far beyond the immediate situation. Often all you want is for the problem to go away. Decisions that people most often regret are those made too quickly in a crisis. These kinds of decisions are not really decisions, but instead reactions.

We encourage you to stop, take a deep breath and think about your choices. Often, people will feel rushed to make a decision that they haven’t taken time to explore. You owe it to yourself to get all the information you need to make an informed decision. No one else can make this decision for you but it does help to talk to people who may have some answers.

Your situation is like no other. Your circumstances are unique and cannot be decided with some general facts on a website. Contact Birthright to talk with an experienced volunteer who will assist you in exploring a plan that is right for you. You can freely ask questions and work through your thoughts without fear of judgment or condemnation.


Being a parent is often described as one of the most challenging and rewarding experiences of life. It is a miracle to watch this little life grow inside you and develop into a person with a unique personality, interests and talents. Being a parent is an ongoing process of learning and adjusting. Every parent stumbles from time to time but if you love your child and are trying your best, you will be fine. If you need us, Birthright will walk with you throughout this journey. We can offer you the support you need and direction for what is available in the community. We offer a free Pregnancy and Prepare to Parent Program that will help you get ready for the baby’s arrival.


Abortion may seem like the simplest answer out of an unintended pregnancy but there are no easy answers. Maybe you don’t want to have an abortion but feel it is your only choice. Many consider having an abortion because they do not have the support or resources they need to have their baby. There might be people pressuring you to have an abortion that you don’t want. You may feel you have no choice – but you do. Birthright can explore the reasons you’re considering abortion and possibly offer alternative options.


Many women have said that adoption is the hardest thing they have ever done, but they don’t regret it. They know they have provided a bright future for their child, one that includes a mom and a dad who cherish them and will provide a good home. Don’t automatically write off adoption as an option. Many women will say “I could never give my baby away,” but what adoption does is provide a family for your baby. There are many types of adoption and you as the birth mother have the control of what type of adoption you are looking for.

While Birthright is not an adoption agency we can offer some insight and direction for this positive choice. The birth mother in turn, is able to face her own future with courage and hope. Sometimes it helps to hear the experiences of other women who have been in your shoes and can tell you what it was like to go through the adoption process. Birthright has volunteers who would like to talk with you. It’s possible that adoption is much different from what you imagine. There is no obligation to consider this option and you have nothing to lose by talking with us.