Birthright Pregnancy Program

Understanding Pregnancy/Birth, and Prepare to Parent Program.

Being pregnant is one of the biggest responsibilities you will ever have. Take advantage of this time before birth to get prepared with our free Pregnancy Program.

The Birthright Pregnancy Program is designed for the client who is pregnant for the first time, although any Birthright client can participate. The program is not to be used as a substitute for regular doctor visits or prenatal classes. It is additional information for enrichment and enjoyment. Each free session is one on one and includes a 20 to 30 minute DVD followed by a discussion with your Birthright volunteer. We offer a gift card incentive for first time pregnant client. Topics include:

Understanding Pregnancy/Birth Topics Include:

  • new mother and father with babyPrenatal Care
  • Fetal Development
  • Nutrition
  • Hazards
  • Multiples (Twins or Triplets)
  • Stop Smoking Now
  • Labor and Delivery
  • Post-Partum

Prepare to Parent Topics Include:

  • Prepare to Parent
  • Going Home with Baby
  • Caring for Your Baby
  • Your Healthy Baby
  • To Be a Father
  • Safe from the Start
  • Quality Child Care
  • Ready to Learn

Our library continues to grow with topics for the Pregnancy Program, so you may choose the sessions that best fit your needs. It is encouraged, but not mandatory, to have the baby’s father participate in some of the sessions as there is material that is important to him as well.

To take advantage of our Prepare to Parent Program call Birthright for details at 410-838-0443.

What are clients saying about the Prepare to Parent Program?

  • “I felt more prepared and I wasn’t afraid when I went into labor”
  • “Very helpful”
  • “Each step of the way I felt confident because I learned it beforehand in the program”
  • “I learned a lot”
  • “When I got pregnant, I didn’t know anything. I’m thankful for the Prepare to Parent Program”
  • “I was ready when the baby was born”