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Baby Bottle Boomerang Campaign Expands

Birthright began the Baby Bottle Boomerang Campaign to offer students a way to help us. My hope was to spread the message of Birthright, and if we received extra money it would be a great bonus. What we found was that a little spare change can indeed add up quickly….  
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“Do You Ever See the Mother and Baby After the Birth?”

I am always surprised when I’m asked that question. At our Birthright once we believe that the days and weeks after birth are so important and when a mom may need us the most. You see, you can’t tell a woman to have a baby and then walk away. Doing…  
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May I Help You?

I was only a few days late on my period – nothing to worry about really. I bought the pregnancy test to simply ease my mind. My whole world stopped as I looked down and saw the plus sign. I was seized with terror and could hardly breath. There must…  
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